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STAMP The Universal Governance Token

The STAMP is the key to the next-generation corporate governance, bringing companies into a formal and international business community, turning businesses into accessible and ready-to-be-invested entities.

Formalise. Internationalise. Lift up.
The STAMP token unlocks companies and lifts them up to an internationally auditable level, by engaging them into a worldwide-compatible governance model. Using STAMPs, organizations enter a global community of formal business fostering undeniable recognition, access to capital and credit, and benefits from a collaborative ecosystem.

STAMPs run a Corporate Secretarial Services Technology leveraging the blockchain to certify and authenticate basic formal business components, such as proofs of ownership, shareholders agreements, resolutions and compliance to local jurisdictions. STAMPs also give access to a growing ecosystem gathering the major stakeholders of the whole business lifecycle.

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Companies and Startups

Easily create and manage your company or project’s slicing pie between partners, with automatic vesting, equity dilution and value of ownership through the time – engraving the ownership history in an irrefutable audit trail.

Countries and Governments

Countries build a transparent and trustable business landscape, open to worldwide capital access. Governments promote and allocate STAMPs to companies and promote good governance practices.


Investors and VC get consolidated views on their portfolio. They recommend or require stampified companies for a clean label. They compensate companies to access their data.

Corporate Advisors

Lawyers, notaries, paralegals, corporate advisors, auditors, mediators and consultants are paid with STAMPs to provide specific and local support, ensuring compliance with local jurisdictions.

3rd party developers

External developers use the Stampify technology and the STAMP token to develop new applications and services embedding Corporate Secretarial components.

Corporate Partners

Corporations use custom deployments of the Stampify technology to engage in next-generation corporate secretarial services with their partners, customers or stakeholders.

Discover Stampify

We want to create a frictionless business world and it starts with governance

We believe that a proper governance is one of the strongest factors of failure-avoiding ventures, by enabling the fundamental rules of engagement. Starting an entrepreneurial journey with confidence is a guarantee of resilience – you’ll thank us in the future. Already managing a company? Just step in the new way of running business.


Focus on your business with an easy mind – Stampify creates a trust environment by taking care of all governance fundamentals likely to ensure a smooth and streamlined cooperation between project stakeholders.


Most of the creative value is created before the incorporation. This phase should be run just like if the company already existed, but without. Basic governance principles  are no more reserved for bigger companies.


Producing meeting minutes is daunting, and therefore often neglected. Stampify provides an easy and certified way to initiate, vote and record resolutions so that evidence can be later produced with readiness and certainty.


Anticipate reports, audits, inventories and litigations by building your corporate historical records on-the-fly. Stampify generates customized audit trails that makes your future milestones complete, faster and easier.

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How to get STAMPs?

Stampify’s Corporate Secretarial Technology is built on the Ethereum framework and is available free of charge through APIs, SDK downloads and online access. STAMPs are the utility tokens used to run the technology and compensate the community members providing corporate support. There are three ways to get STAMPs:

1. Buy STAMPs during the token crowd sale running until January 30th, 2018

2. Contact Stampify to discuss national or corporate partnerships

3. Buy STAMPs after the token crowd sale on several exchanges

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Laurent Kinet Co-founder
Strategy & Business

Long-time tech entrepreneur who founded, grown and sold several technology companies (from social software to Big Data). Venture builder with deep strategic and managerial thinking. eMBA holder.

Olivier Beaujean Co-founder
Operations & Finance

eMBA holder with various executive functions before creating his own companies. Specialised in companies digitalisation, operation management and online collaboration platforms.

Bernard Legros Co-founder

Digital business specialist developing a software and digital strategy expertise, from small business to large companies. Citizen of the world (Belgium, Tahiti, Corsica).

Steve Degosserie Blockchain

18 years consulting in the software industry, focused on applied Blockchain. Holder of a BSc of Computer Science and an IEMBA, currently pursuing an MSc in Digital Currency (University of Nicosia, Cyprus).

Gilles Collard PhD Cand. Attorney-at-law
Legal & Compliance

Attorney-at-law specialised in corporate governance, banking and finance. Assistant-Professor in Corporate and Commercial Law (ULB) and PhD candidate in European Corporate Governance (UCL-ULG).

Florence Neirinckx Marketing
Investors Relations

Millennial graduated as a translator. Specialised in digital content, IPO communication and investors relations. Former PR in a business club dedicated to entrepreneurs.

Jérémie Mercier Software

Computer addict, CS degree and 12 years in software engineering and end-to-end software development. Full-stack dev fond of Blockchain, healthy living and young dad live.


de Rassenfosse
Chief Product Officer Stepstone Group

Seasoned corporate executive with a focus on product strategy and development. Several board memberships. 


Legal advisor to several African companies and a tech. devotee, will be our spearhead into the African markets, already active in the introduction of Stampify at government levels in Africa. 

Prof. Nicolas
van Zeebroeck
Professor Of Innovation & Digital Business, ULB

Prof. and researcher on how ICT can transform business processes and models, published in i.e. Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review. 

President Of Adae
Author Of Governance Books

President of ADAE. Long-time experience in board membership. Former CEO of stock-listed firms active in i.e. high-tech and logistics. Author of several governance books. 

Prof. Sabri
Professor of finance
Author/editor of governance books

Prof. at Champagne SM and research fellow at Univ. Paris Est on Corporate governance, finance & IPOs. Author/Editor of many corporate governance books and articles. 

Fintech Innovation Advisor

Shaul is a London based consultant with a global outlook on innovation in Financial Services. Shaul works with governments, innovative companies and financial institutions to accelerate innovation across the industry. Earlier in his career Shaul held various roles within retail banking technology and finance. He is also a basketball junkie. 

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