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Token Sale

You have two options, either you purchase STAMPs during the Token Sale running until Jan30st, be quick to catch the bonus if you buy early in the period. All the details available on the Token Sale Site

After the Token Sale, the second option will be to purchase STAMPs on the Exchanges such as EtherDelta, STAMPs will be available for trading and purchase soon after the end of the Token Sale.

STAMP is an ERC-20 compatible utility token that is available for purchase by contributors. The purpose of the STAMP is to be a Universal Governance Token, used to run the Stampify technology around corporate and institutional governance. Possible usages of STAMPs will be : (i) notarise every type of resolution, clause, agreement, or document on the blockchain ; (ii) store every corporate documents in the decentralised corporate repository ; (iii) compensate local advisors from the Stampify network ; and (iv) associated services provided by STAMPIFY, as detailed in the whitepaper.

STAMPIFY sells a maximum amount of 75 000 000 STAMP.

Company intends to create 100,000,000 STAMP.   Of those, 75,000,000 will constitute the Sale Tokens available for purchase in the Token Sale.  Any Sale STAMP unsold during the Token Sale will be destroyed (“burnt”). The remaining 25.000.000 will be allocated as follows:

  •   6% will go to compensate founders, team and early contributors (such Tokens will be locked-up for a 12-months period).
  •   1% will be kept as incentive to onboard early customers at product release.
  •   The platform will retain 18% of the other remaining Tokens (the “Reserve”).

At the end of the Token Sale, the smart contract mints all STAMPs and sends them to each contributor’s address.

Stampify is launching it’s crowdsale at a time when the market has matured enough to offer reliable and secure building blocks like the OpenZeppelin library. This project goal is to provide secure, modular and open source smart contracts that have been widely audited and have been battle tested enough to raise and secure 1.5B$ on the Ethereum blockchain. In the mean time, the ERC20 token standard has been formalized and is now the de facto standard for new tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The token sale smart contracts can be audited on : Github

Yes. STAMP can be traded immediately after the token sale. However, the primary use-case for STAMP is paying for STAMPIFY DAPP use. The token sale is over on 30 January 2018 or when the cap is reached. From that point on, STAMP can be transferred from one address to another. More informations can be found on : Sales terms

Most of proceeds will be used to develop the platform globally and run business development operations. We will dedicate a fraction of funds raised to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Two-third of the funds dedicated to the team are subject to a 12-month vesting (founders have 100% vesting).

More informations on : https://stampify.me/whitepaper/


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