The STAMP token circulation

Ensuring a growth in usage and value

STAMPs are the fuel of a new economy paradigm and the key to promote financial inclusion and access to capital for ultra-local businesses. Tokens remove frictions from business relationships and turn them global, using worldwide-compatible corporate governance practices, beyond local constraints.

Ecosystem and Use Cases

Token Circulation and Network Effect

How to get STAMPs?

Stampify’s Corporate Secretarial Technology is built on the Ethereum framework and is available free of charge through APIs, SDK downloads and online access. STAMPs are the utility tokens used to run the technology and compensate the community members providing corporate support.

There are three ways to get STAMPs:

  • Buy STAMPs during the token crowd sale running until January 30th, 2018
  • Contact Stampify to discuss national or corporate partnerships
  • Buy STAMPs after the token crowd sale on several exchanges


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